Here is my first chance to make an impression.

I am awkward and introverted (INFP anyone?). I am overweight. I am a runner. I love reading and writing.

I crave travelling more than anything.

New experiences scare and thrill me. I was born in the year of the dragon and a Libra to a TEE (if you’re into that). I’m a fierce and loyal friend. I see both sides of everything and agonise about making decisions. I love shopping. I have cats.

My hormones drive me crazy.

I have siblings and I miss them. I’m a Christian (for my sins). I often start things and don’t finish them. I’m unintentionally funny sometimes. I love to laugh. I’m a people watcher. I enjoy throwing shade sometimes *sips tea*. I don’t have a bucket list but I will make one soon.IATG_OfficialIcon

I will keep on writing.


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