1 dayanger late

Sore and itchy.

Painful, uncomfortable

Bloated, irritated, tired, zombie


2 days late

Long glances in the mirror

Eagle eyes eager to detect


Tummy patting, headaches



4 days late

Dry, parched, constipated

Cramps. Always cramps

Engorged, massive

Thinks of balloons

Stirrings of excitement.

5 days late

Whispering in bed

Late night discussions. Excitement.

We must get a test

What time are you going to the pharmacy dear?

7 days late

Early morning trickle


Washes, gets dressed, coat on

He kisses me

Hope is like a welcomed guest that must not leave

Front door. Oops gotta visit the throne first

Sits down, wipes

Sees red

I can’t swallow. Raging, tears, deep breath

Opens door.Why are you here?


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