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Do you remember, Focus Features’ Loving by Jeff Nichols was one of our favorite film in Cannes ‘s selection last May,

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An English Tart

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Why is tart a description of a taste, a woman of suspicious morals and a doughy pie? Give up? I don’t know either. A seriously warped sense of English humour or a result of a lack of creativity? These things have nothing to do with each other but let’s just call it the same thing…

Oh English language, how confusing you can be to a non-native speaker!


Sincerely Wrong

via Daily Prompt: Sincere

Why do we think ‘Sincere’ or ‘Sincerity’ is a good word?

We wish people were more sincere in their dealings with us and with life. We tag that word unto people who are nice, agreeable, delightful, humble and all the other positive attributes we think are lovely and we say ‘He’s such a sincere person! We excuse bad behaviour and lapses of judgment by saying ‘She sincerely didn’t mean for.. (insert unfortunate outcome) to happen.

Sincere is neither a good or bad word. It is merely neutral.

Being sincere does not equal truth or facts. Sincerity is just an earnestness of intention and conviction. It does not automatically mean the intentions are good or well thought out or that your beliefs are right.

You can be sincere and wrong. And you may not have clarity of intentions and do good or even have bad intentions and good come out of it. To be sincere, good and have the right beliefs is the holy grail of human character.

At least I sincerely think so…